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4 weeks 1 day ago - 4 weeks 1 day ago #44 by Leverettrailfan
Based on what I've read on the site, it's my understanding that as of the moment, it's unclear exactly what direction ProTrainz may take regarding potential new content creation.
In the event new content *is* produced, I might suggest creating more rapid transit cars- the ProTrainz rapid transit cars publicly released to date, have been the mainstays of many a Trainz user's elevated and subway routes- and many have taken it upon themselves to redecorate some of these cars, to match certain eras, and so that one model could stand in for additional subway car classes which shared the same body configuration. Currently, the ProTrainz subway cars are the best subway models I've seen for Trainz. 
Some New York area subway classes such as the IND/NYCT R11/34, and the Path PA1-4 (I believe that PA1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s all look the same), though likely needing to be built from the ground up, would be very visually interesting subway cars to see in game- cars such as an R15, or R21 could be done by altering a prexisting ProTrainz subway car design.
I personally have a strong love for the rapid transit of the Boston area in Massachusetts, currently the MBTA. Currently no high quality models have been released of any elevated, surface, or subway equipment for the system- Rapid Transit cars on the Cambridge-Dorchester (Red) Line, East Boston (Blue) Line, and the 'Main Line Elevated' (Orange Line, eventually replaced with a subway) utilized different car lengths, with the East Boston cars being particularly short, to navigate tunnels formerly built for a trolley subway. 
Philadelphia PA also rostered/rosters some attractive and unique subway cars.

There's an almost endless pool of prototype railroad content that users could want to see in Trainz, and only so many people making content- by no means do I "request" anything, only offer suggestions.
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