Some of my real world models

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I've begun collecting, modifying and making O scale models. I currently don't have any room for a layout, but plan to eventually model a condensed version of the South Amboy, NJ area, in the mid 40's to mid 50's. This lets me use late steam, 1st gen diesels and electrics, and a mix of CNJ, PRR and Raritan River RR equipment.

I've got a CNJ 4-6-0 Camelback, a CNJ 4-6-2 (in Blue Comet paint, which is really before the era, but it's the Blue Comet!), I'm in the middle of making a CNJ 2-8-2 Heavy Mike, a CNJ RS-3, CNJ Trainmaster, an RSD-4 waiting to be painted CNJ colors, a B&O GP-9 (which would be appropriate later as a lease, but it may get converted to a CNJ GP-7), a PRR K4, PRR GG-1 (scale, of course), an NW-2 waiting to be painted for the PRR (working the yard over the "hole in the wall" and the docks), and an SW-900 (converted from an SW-9) almost finished being painted for the RRRR.
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