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The Amtrak Pack: F40PH, F40PH Cabbage, P42a Phase 3, P40 Phase 3, P40 Phase IV,Amfleet I Coach Phase 3, Amfleet I Coach Phase IV, Amfleet I Coach Phase IV Northeast Direct, Amfleet I Cafe Phase 3, Amfleet I Cafe Phase IV, Amfleet I Cafe Phase IV Northeast Direct, Amfleet I Dinette Phase 3, Amfleet II Coach Phase 3, Amfleet II Coach Phase IV, Amfleet II Cafe Phase 3, Amfleet II Cafe Phase IV, Amfleet II Amlounge Phase IV, Amtrak Heritage Coach, Amtrak Heritage Streamlined Coach, Amtrak PS Bi-level Coach, Amtrak PS Bi-level Cab Car, Amtrak PS 106 Sleeper,