Protrainz returns!

What a long, strange trip it's been! Bulletin board got hacked, cart software got hacked (thankfully, no user data was kept on-system), my hosting company decided to hold my websites hostage for 3 years because I refused to renew hosting for a 3 year period, they finally gave me back my data years later, only to delete it again later... Managed to get it restored, but they refused to set up the databases again, so nothing worked. 

Meanwhile, Trainz evolved, sorta. I'm still not clear on what's required these days for content creation, or what of my old stuff is still viable, or who's still around. Most of my old, pre-payware era stuff is of dubious quality, but I have some decent items which weren't released to the general public which I wouldn't mind seeing the light of day, if anyone was still interested. I'm not sure at the moment where any of this is headed, except I want to at least get the site back up and running. Everything here is still evolving. Not sure if this software will suit my needs (heck, I'm not even sure what those needs are). I don't need a full-fledged bulletin board, just a place to post the occasional messages, maybe maintain a dialog or two, make some items available for download, and maybe (or maybe not) see if there's anything new that needs made. Life keeps me fairly busy these days. Raising my daughter on my own, relocating (with another potentially coming when she graduates High School), spending a lot of time on physical O-scale modeling, working a dead-end job to pay the bills...

Hopefully over the next few months I can solidify what my expectations are for ProTrainz, and if anybody happens to drop by, feel free to come along for the ride!