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ARRRR, matey! R1 that is...
Another historic subway car rolls out of the ProTrainz workshops. The R1, the first subway car designed and purchased by the City of New York, is now available as a "preview" item to ProTrainz Gold Members. These classic cars feature rattan seating and operating fans (along with operating doors, directional lighting and visible passenger support, of course). Automatic Route selection (based on 1948 routing) is available, so you can have your train automatically change destination signs at the end of each run (try and get the conductors to actually do that!). And, of course, the correct "local" or "express" designators light depending on your route selection. Complete with drop-sash windows (though for the riders safety, they must remain closed at all times), this is the most detailed subway car we've created to date.

For those of you who missed the train...

Those lucky enough to order the Subway Construction Set CD have had this for a while, as have our Gold Members, but now it's available for everyone. The IRT R12, in its original paint scheme. Complete with working fans (good luck finding them on the originals), selectable routing, and all the other fine features you've come to expect from ProTrainz creations. Available on the Auran Download Station.

The Subway Construction Set!

Based loosely on the NYC subway, this amazing collection of over 60 objects will allow you to create your own semi-realistic subway in Trainz. Available for download from the Auran Download Station, most items can be found by looking for the Subway Construction Set graphic, though some of the older 3rd rail track items don't have it. Click HERE for more information on the SCS.


"I'm the train they call The City of New Orleans", also including the Panama Limited.
One of the best known trains in American History, the Illinois Central's "City of New Orleans" (immortalized in the Steve Goodman song of the same name), along with the IC's other premier train, the Panama Limited, is now available. They come complete with everything you need to run 2 entire prototypical consists of each both ways between Chicago and New Orleans. Now available in the ProTrainz ONLINE STORE. For more details CLICK HERE

ProTrainz and its customers raise $100 for Hurricane Relief

Thank you to all of you who participated in our Hurricane Relief effort. While our contribution to the effort has concluded, it's not too late for you to take part. Click on the link at the left to make your donation to this worthy cause. For details about our Hurricane Relief effort, CLICK HERE

Amtrak Pac available for download!
There are still a few Amtrak Pack CDs left...
To order, click the "Premium Content" button at the top of the page

ProTrainz is proud to announce the availability of the Amtrak Pack! The cost for the downloadable version is $10. We're also offering it on CD for those who might have slow internet connections, or who just like collecting nifty train CD's! The CD version is $15 plus shipping. The pack includes 17 new pieces of rolling stock, and the CD also includes updated versions of previously available content such as the Phase III F40PH and the Genesis reskins. Mark Hoffman has been gracious enough to allow me to distribute his original P42 Genesis pack on the CD as well, so those who order it won't need to scour the internet looking for dependancies. For more info, including a list of exactly what is included, click HERE! (You'll need to be registered and logged on to our forums for the link to work)

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